At Arden & Amici, we've made some great friends with generations of local Italian bakers who share with us the same passion for food. Together we've worked hard to develop some of the best biscuits and bakery products from around Italy and we are very proud to have forged such great relationships with some of the best producers Italy has to offer.


The Luciano Family

Luciano Family

We first met Engineero in the pretty Ligurian town Sassello years ago (don’t ask us why he is called Engineero, but he is!). He proudly told us that Sassello was the ‘Home of Amaretti’, and that his award winning Amaretti were the best in town. His bakery have been making them for over 150 years to the same family recipe so we think he’s probably right. His son and daughter Dante and Maria-Luisa have now taken over the day to day running of the bakery but Engineero is never far away to make sure that their Amaretti remains the best in town.



The D'Amario Family

Luciano Family

There’s quite a few things which spring to mind when you think of Italy... love, passion, family and tradition, this producer is certainly oozing all of this and more! Danilo’s family began baking speciality cakes and biscuits almost 50 years ago in the heart of Abruzzo. Our friend Danilo’s boundless enthusiasm has revolutionized this beautiful little bakery, his wonderful ‘twice baked’ Biscotti is the best we’ve tasted!


It truly is a family concern too. Danilo’s mother is in complete control of the Bakery (and Danilo!), nothing passes through without her seal of approval. She likes to know that everything is produced to Mama’s recipe every time! Danilo’s two sisters head up quality control and product development.



The Papi family

Luciano Family

We believe we have found the best of the best, amazing specialities from Siena. Husband and wife team Pilar and Fabrizio, welcome us with open arms, sharing their love and desire for baking. The aroma as you drive through those Tuscan hills to the Bakery is one that you would like to bottle and keep forever. This truly is a hidden gem.


We’ve tasted many Ricciarelli in our time but these take the biscuit…excuse the pun! Baking to a traditional Tuscan recipe, handed down from father to son, our friend Fabrizio, describes these little beauties as soft and chewy in the middle, with a melt in your mouth experience.



The Digennaro family

Luciano Family

From a small bakers shop in Turin during the early ‘60’s, friends Vincenzo, Antonio and Bruno quickly built a reputation for the quality of their pastries and in particular Panettone. They soon decided to build their first bakery in an old convent, the result was truly divine and their Panettone was enjoyed all over Italy and beyond.


The business is now run by their sons and daughters and their passion for quality lives on as they carefully nurture that all important Mother Dough every single day just as their fathers did for the last 50 years. You cannot escape the sense of tradition and pride in this family business and their love of great food, wine and friendship, glad we have them as our Amici.



The Bonomi family

Luciano Family

We are delighted to introduce you to this fantastic 3rd generation family bakery, nestled in the beautiful Veronese mountains. The story began in the middle of the 19th century (1850 to be precise) when the family began baking sweet biscuits and bread for the locals. The love and passion for baking has carried over the generations with Renato and his two brothers now leading the way.


Their bakery speciality is Savioardi, otherwise known here in the UK as Lady’s Fingers. These are the perfect choice for Tiramisu and trifle!


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