Our company started life in 1991, founded by two guys who have a passion for food and travel. Having a strong desire to do something different and more importantly work for themselves, they left their respective jobs and started Arden Fine Foods, importing and distributing food from around Europe, with a focus on Italy.

There was just the 2 of them then and now the business has grown to more than 30 of us. And thats not the only thing growing with all of this great food around the office, we certainly have to keep a close eye on our waist lines! In fact we always warn new members of the team that they will very quickly put on the 'Arden Stone', as we call it! During the time we've been in business, weve built up close relationships with generations of local Italian bakers forming great friendships. We have a lot of fun along the way, discussing business and new Italian food ideas over some of the best food and wine in Italy. Nice work if you can get it!
We have established ourselves as the Italian experts and so the idea was born to develop a brand that was true to what we do. 'Arden & Amici - Bringing Italy to your table' promotes instant authenticity. Our friendly relationships with our suppliers, (Amici – Italian for friends) has enabled us to develop together the finest biscuit and bakery products for the UK, to enjoy in the way the Italians intended, around the table with friends and family. The Arden & Amici logo expresses this friendship, from the two A's entwined to the English oak and the Italian olive branch creating the Italian crest.
It's a very challenging but fun environment we work in, meeting like minded people who share our passions for good, honest, authentic food. Our team are passionate foodies, with genuine love for the products and suppliers, that's why we are committed to finding the best in Italian bakery to bring home to you.




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