What a wonderful job we have, exploring authentic Italy, discovering the best in Italian bakery to bring home to you! We've made some great friends with generations of local Italian bakers who share with us a passion for traditional methods and quality ingredients.

At Arden & Amici, we've developed a fantastic Italian bakery range capturing the love and devotion Italians have for their food, family and friends. What a fun way to do business, good conversation, great friends over some of the finest food and wine Italy has to offer! Together we love what we do, we think you will love it too!

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The life and (foodie) love of a literary detective

27 April, 2016

  Donna Leon’s Venetian detective novels featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti have long been celebrated for their descriptions of Italian – specifically Venetian – food and drink. Over twenty Commissario Brunetti novels have been written now, all situated in or around Venice. However, it was not long after the fourth novel was published that readers began […]

Turning over a thousand new leaves with some home baking help

5 April, 2016

Say ‘bonjourno’ to our wonderful new home baking help, now on sale in Tesco! Millefoglie (pronounced “Meel/leh Fohl/yeh) is the Italian version of the French pastry mille-feuille (meaning “thousands leaves”). Traditionally these are layered with cream or Mascarpone and topped with fruit and dusted with icing sugar for desserts, celebrations or high tea. We have […]

How do you like your eggs this Easter?

17 March, 2016

Traditionally, people didn’t eat eggs in the days preceding Easter so any eggs laid that week were saved and decorated to make them ‘Holy Week eggs’, then given to children as gifts. The Victorians adapted the tradition with satin covered cardboard eggs filled with Easter gifts. Chocolate versions came along shortly after and the rest, […]