What a wonderful job we have, exploring authentic Italy, discovering the best in Italian bakery to bring home to you! We've made some great friends with generations of local Italian bakers who share with us a passion for traditional methods and quality ingredients.

At Arden & Amici, we've developed a fantastic Italian bakery range capturing the love and devotion Italians have for their food, family and friends. What a fun way to do business, good conversation, great friends over some of the finest food and wine Italy has to offer! Together we love what we do, we think you will love it too!

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Nonna knows best!

7 October, 2015

In Italy, it’s the grandmother or ‘nonna’ that preserves the recipe and baking know-how handed down the generations. Their fastidious repertoire varies incredibly across the regions, but one thing you can guarantee is that their dishes are fresh, dripping with syrup and cream – and stuffed with some of the most delicious calories in the world. […]

High Culture in High Summer

19 August, 2015

High summer sees the arrival of the Venice Film Festival and is more of delightful costume drama inspired by Versace. Our Amici love the glitz and the glamour – but who doesn’t love putting on the style? The Venice Film Festival – Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia – was founded in 1932 and is […]

Travelling Light in The Dolomites

10 July, 2015

“In fair Verona where we lay our scene”, from the sweetest foothills of this beautiful place, we bring you news of a delicious new alliance that’ll add an extra dimension to your morning cappuccino. Never ones to rest on our Warwickshire laurels, we intrepid travellers at Arden & Amici have been busy scouring the length […]