What a wonderful job we have, exploring authentic Italy, discovering the best in Italian bakery to bring home to you! We've made some great friends with generations of local Italian bakers who share with us a passion for traditional methods and quality ingredients.

At Arden & Amici, we've developed a fantastic Italian bakery range capturing the love and devotion Italians have for their food, family and friends. What a fun way to do business, good conversation, great friends over some of the finest food and wine Italy has to offer! Together we love what we do, we think you will love it too!

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Arden’s & Amici teams up with a Blooming New Friend

28 January, 2015

Arden’s & Amici has announced a tie-up with a blooming new friends, the people at Bloom & Wild. The partnership will mean those that love our range of speciality Italian biscuits will be in with a chance to win a bright splash of colour straight into their letterboxes. The brilliant London-based florist posts its simple […]

Espresso Martini – shaken not stirred

23 December, 2014

We all melt when James Bond leans against the bar and utters those historic words: ‘Martini … shaken not stirred.’ And if you’re anything like us, you watch, transfixed as he knocks it back, whilst vaguely wondering what it actually tastes like. Bitter, probably. And sobering. While Vodka Martini is a drink for hard men, […]

The Long Walk to Chocolate Heaven!

18 December, 2014

A brisk walk through the countryside with friends and family at Christmas time is a wonderful experience. All that stinging fresh air and conversation can build a gentle expectation for something warming – and indulgent. In colder climes, an enormous, thick bowl of hot chocolate brings warmth to pink fingers – and makes taking the […]